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2022 / 110m - Taiwan
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Taiwanese found-footage horror. For a while now, Taiwan has been producing decent quality horror flicks, Incantation neatly fits in with the rest of them. It doesn't really reinvent the genre and the introduction is a tad long, but once the curse starts to take effect, the tension doesn't let up.

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A desperate mother creates a video she hopes will help save her child. The child is cursed and beyond help from modern science, because of something the mother did six years ago. By making and spreading the video, she hopes someone will come forward and help her get the curse undone.

The Buddhist angle is relatively novel, other than that Incantation is a pretty typical found-footage horror. It does get pretty graphic as it nears the finale and there's a pretty dark twist at the end. It's also rather tense throughout, there's just isn't enough to set it apart from similar films to make it a true masterpiece. Still, a good recommend for fans of the genre.