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Willy's Wonderland

2021 / 88m - USA
Horror, Comedy
Willy's Wonderland poster

What's there to say about this film? Half of it is Nicolas Cage cleaning a diner, the other half is pure madness, with a bunch of animatronic serial killers feasting on unsuspecting travelers. From afar this may look like an ode to 80s pulp, but somehow it's not and that may be a problem for a film that's already quite niche. But man does Lewis know how to create something wildly amusing. Prime entertainment.

The Accursed

2022 / 96m - USA
The Accursed poster

Kevin Lewis' latest film is a considerable step back from Willy's Wonderland. It's a much more traditional horror film that offers nothing new. Not that I dislike core genre work, but then everything hinges on the execution. While decent, there's just not enough that stands out here.

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After losing her mother, Elly takes on a new job caring for a comatose old lady. She lives in a remote place and fancies her privacy. What Elly doesn't know is that the woman has a demon living inside of her. Elly is the perfect vessel for the demon, but she gets help from a single mother who had a previous run-in with the demon.

The effects are pretty solid, the build-up of the tension is fine and the finale delivers. It's just that everything feels a bit too derivative and without any surprises, it's not a film that is bound to be all that memorable. Solid horror filler for this time of year, but I expected a little more from Lewis.