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The Block Island Sound

2020 / 97m - USA
Horror, Mystery
The Block Island Sound poster

Effective horror/mystery flick. Not one with broad appeal I'm afraid, since the film isn't too keen on explaining things. The audience is given some hints and shown some mysterious moments, but you'll have to connect the dots yourself and even then it's mostly left to your own imagination to come up with an explanation.

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Fish are washing up on the shore, birds are falling from the sky and Harry's dad is suffering from full black-outs. Strange things are happening on Block Island, so much that the local conspiracy theorist is having the time of his life. Fact is that people are starting to go crazy and the source seems to be coming from the water.

The pacing is deliberately slow, performances are more than adequate and the soundtrack is quite atmospheric. The McManus brothers do a terrific job building up the mood and manage to keep the mystery alive, stretching it even beyond the final scene. A fun and entertaining genre flick, great filler.