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Wyrmwood: Apocalypse

2021 / 88m - Australia
Horror, Action
Wyrmwood: Apocalypse poster

A pretty straightforward sequel by a director who got better at his job over the years. What this sequel gained in professionalism, it has lost in enthusiasm though. It's not an unusual trade-off, and it doesn't really affect the overall quality of the film, but it is a missed opportunity as I had secretly hoped to find something slightly better.

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The plot continues where the first film left off, though we are getting some new characters to make things a bit more interesting. A military man is catching targets for a research lab, where they try to find a cure. As he brings more and more people to the lab, he begins to suspect something else is going on there.

The cinematography is better, the effects look way tastier and the film hasn't lost its Oceanian sense of humor. The pacing is also very brisk, but doesn't really go into overdrive. A bit more insanity and over-the-top madness could've been the cherry on top, regardless, it's still a highly entertaining and very successful horror flick. Great fun, but not quite as great as it could've been.


2018 / 99m - Australia
Comedy, Horror
Nekrotronic poster

Amusing mix of comedy, horror and sci-fi that felt like the next, logical step for director Roache-Turner. Think Pokemon meets Ghostbusters. The film has some pacing issues and the acting is rather poor (even veterans like Bellucci seem to have trouble finding the right tone), but there's plenty of fun to be had and that's clearly what the makers were after.


2014 / 98m - Australia
Action, Horror
Wyrmwood poster