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Taro the Dragon Boy

Tatsu no Ko TarĂ´
1979 / 75m - Japan
Animation, Fantasy, Adventure
Taro the Dragon Boy poster

Classic anime that is based on a Japanese folk story. It's a film that has disappeared from the spotlight since its original release, though I'm not entirely sure why. I hadn't even heard of this film before, though it's certainly not because it's lacking quality, the animation and art style are pretty impressive for a 70s anime.

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Taro is a lazy boy who wastes his days eating and playing around with animals. One day a Tengu appears and gives him a special potion, granting him the strength of a hundred men. In return, Taro has to use his newfound powers to help out others. To keep his promise, Taro sets out on an adventure.

The background art is beautiful, the animation is detailed and stylish. Character designs are a little crude, but fit the style and blend in well with the backgrounds. The soundtrack and dub are also on point. The story isn't the most impressive maybe, but since I wasn't familiar with the original folk tale it didn't really bother me. A very pleasant surprise, no doubt a film that deserves broader praise.