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Alive and kicking


Ex Drummer

2007 / 104m - Belgium
Ex Drummer poster

Ex Drummer is a raunchy, mean-spirited and devilish son of bitch, at the same time it's also a very smart, funny and unique little film that deserves a loving cult following.

22nd of May

22 Mei
2010 / 90m - Belgium
Drama, Mystery
22nd of May poster

22nd of May shows definite progression, revealing a powerful and unique style that left me pretty dazzled. It's the kind of film that makes me love my hobby.


2023 / 105m - Belgium
Skunk poster

Koen Mortier's fourth feature film is another stunner. It's not quite as out there as his first two films, but few directors manage to catch the gritty underbelly of society with so much flair and enthusiasm. Skunk is more of a straightforward drama, though not without touches of (the darkest of) dark comedy. The cinematography is fitting, the sound design is amazing and the captivating performance of Thibaud Dooms is exceptional. The brutal finale is the icing on the cake. Mortier didn't disappoint.


Un Ange
2018 / 105m - Belgium
Drama, Romance
Angel poster

Mortier's latest is a seething story about two people from two very different worlds spending a life-changing night together. While there are obvious links to a certain famed Belgian cyclist, the story here is fictional, and it's better to not consider it anything close to a biography. Instead, Mortier uses this film to illustrate the crushing weight of fame, making superb use of Karakatsanis' cinematography, Leunen's editing skill and a majestic score by Soulsavers to turn Angel into a sweltering drama.