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Baby Bump

2015 / 89m - Poland
Baby Bump poster

A very novel and quite modern take on the coming of age genre. There's not a typical narrative, instead it's more about the experience of becoming a man. Czekaj's style is very direct and animated, making this a quirky, creative and overall oddball film. Not the easiest recommend, but definitely worth a shot.

The Erlprince

Królewicz Olch
2016 / 101m - Poland
The Erlprince poster

My second Kuba Czekaj film, providing solid proof that Baby Bump wasn't just a fluke. It's clear that Czekaj has a signature style he likes to push through, which is something I dearly appreciate. On the whole, The Erlprince isn't quite a personal favorite, but it's a very worthy film that is easy to recommend if you like things a little different.

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A young, talented boy lives with his single mom. He's a genius and is currently looking into the unified field theory, his mother loves to prance him around and make a buck by entering him into competitions and award programs. The boy's life takes a turn when his father shows up out of nowhere.

Czekaj likes a good coming-of-age story, but stays as far away as possible from the classic genre formula. Symbolism, a more contemporary feel and a very stylized aesthetic make his films stand out. The Erlprince is a dark, enigmatic and slightly puzzling experience, be sure to give it a shot.