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Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko

Genmu Senki Leda
1985 / 70m - Japan
Sci-fi - Animation
Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko poster

A very entertaining mix of fantasy and sci-fi anime with a strong 80s aesthetic. Leda is one of those shorter anime projects I'd never heard about before, but that's probably because I was never too invested in 80s anime (and because distribution was simply terrible back in the 90s). It's fun enough to be rediscovering them now.

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Yohko is a normal schoolgirl who is writing a love song for her romantic crush. The day she wants to present the song to him, she is suddenly transported to a different world. Her Walkman is the key to getting back to her world, but there's a gang who wants the device to themselves. Yohko will have to save this world before she can return to her own.

The animation quality is surprisingly decent, and the fantasy/sci-fi designs have a unique flair to them. Leda definitely isn't the most original anime, the plot is very basic for one, but it's distinct enough to stand out amongst a bunch of similar films. It's a very pleasant discovery and a simple, yet clear recommend for fans of 80s anime.