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The Kiss

2007 / 108m - Japan
Crime, Drama
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A film that reminded me a lot of Kim Ki-duk's Breath, though rendered as a more traditional Japanese crime drama. It's a film about a woman who falls in love with a ruthless killer after having seen his arrest on television. Strange as this may sound, it's not at all unrealistic (just look at Ted Bundy's popularity).

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Kyoko is a mousy woman. Her colleagues take advantage of her, she doesn't have any friends or family and spends her days going through the same routines. When she sees how Sakaguchi is taken into custody, a man who murdered a family of three and then mediatized his arrest, she feels a sudden sense of familiarity.

The presentation is somewhat dry, but good performances of Eiko Koike and Etsushi Toyokawa make all the difference. They give life to two rather unlikable characters and make their actions believable, though no easy answers are offered. Solid drama, an intriguing premise and two fine actors make for a good film.

The inoffensive


2001 / 117m - Japan
Unloved poster