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The Closet

2020 / 97m - South Korea
The Closet poster

A South-Korean horror film called The Closet. That's really all you need to know. Whatever clich├ęs are popping up in your head right now, you can be sure this film has them. The Closet is the definition of by-the-numbers, luckily the execution is on point, which makes that this film is at least pretty watchable.

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A dad and his daughter move into a new house (yup). There's a creepy closet (hah), footsteps are heard on the second floor while nobody is there (heh) and sure enough, eerie drawings of ghosts pop up not much later (woo-hoo). That the film moves from horror to tragedy later on should come as no surprise.

The performances are decent, the cinematography is polished and the build-up is solid. The second half get a bit too dramatic for my taste and the lack of originality (read: none whatsoever) is a bit grating at times, but if you're looking for decent horror filler this film has you covered. Just don't expect to see anything you haven't seen before.