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The Ascent

1977 / 111m - Soviet Union
Drama, War
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Russian war flick that cares more about philosophical and interhuman issues than bullets and explosions. It's an arthouse cult film that is sure to appeal to people who appreciate Eastern-Europe dreariness and unfiltered, abstract philosophical pondering, I'm clearly not that guy.

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Two Soviet partisans are traversing occupied Russia, trying to keep out of the hand of the Germans. The barren landscape and cold winter setting makes their trip excruciating. When they are finally caught, the difference between the two is immediately clear. One will do anything to survive, the other stands by his principles.

The first half of the film is passable. The snowy setting and stark black and white cinematography go well together. The second half becomes a lot more dialogue-heavy and the blunt, almost screamy philosophical claptrap really didn't do it for me. Not that I expected the world from this film, but I did expect it to be better than this.