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Attack of the Eye Creatures

1967 / 80m - USA
Horror, Sci-fi
Attack of the Eye Creatures poster

It is one thing to lack the money to make a decent film, but at least figure that out up front. I strongly suspect Buchanan only realized when he started shooting and had to improvise how to round the 80-minute runtime. The result is an incredible drag, made worse by the horrendous cast.

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So aliens are invading our planet. A flying saucer lands on Earth and a young couple is witness of the event. The police doesn't believe their story and so half of the film is the two of them trying to convince the cops what they saw was real. Because that's what people want to see when picking out a sci-fi/horror.

The actors truly are terrible, the plot is trite and hardly supports a 30-minute short film and the aliens aren't menacing at all. The silly suits are worth a chuckle, but that's about 5 seconds of fun and a quick Google will give you a similar enough experience without all the extra cruft. Horrible.