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Child's Play

2019 / 90m - USA
Child's Play poster

A proper, smart and effective reboot of a franchise that was in dire need of some fresh blood. This 2019 version retains that classic 80s horror charm without being too literal or derivative. Chucky himself got a welcome facelift, the kills are graphic enough and the comedy is on point. A lot better than I expected it to be.

The inoffensive


2019 / 88m - USA
Horror, Mystery
Polaroid poster

A carbon copy of early millennium horror films like Shutter, Ringu and a bunch of other ones. The first part is moody and atmospheric, but once the evil gets a face and the films pivots to mystery solving it loses a little steam. Instead of focusing on the cookie cutter drama driving the horror, the horror itself could've used some extra attention. Not bad though.