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Alive and kicking


Assault and Battery

1969 / 104m - Sweden
Assault and Battery poster

A film that sounded somewhat appealing on paper, I'm afraid the core idea doesn't translate very well though. The result is pretty annoying, pitting two sides against each other, neither one easy to root for. If you like looking at people complaining and being very stubborn then this might be for you, personally I got bored after a while.

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A spirited socialist won't pass up a chance to tell others how they should live their lives and how society is doing them wrong. When he gets into trouble with the law, they are unable to deal with his ideas and he ends up at the mercy of a system that prefers people who don't deviate from the norm.

While I like some of the concepts that drive the film, the characters are absolutely maddening and the film itself is pretty crude, not doing a very good job at making its point. The performances are weak, the direction isn't very appealing either. I wanted to like this more, but it just didn't really work for me.