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Who Killed Santa?

2022 / 52m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Who Killed Santa? poster

A TV series special. I had never heard of the IP before and I didn't have a clue what to expect. Truth be told, it is quite obvious that this is a TV special, it never quite feels like a mid-length feature film, but it does work remarkably well, so much in fact that I might even be pushed to check out the regular series.

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A police trainee finds himself in a lot of trouble on his first day on the job. During the mayor's party, Santa is killed with a candy cane, and now the orphans won't be getting their Christmas presents. A true PR disaster. It's up to him and a more seasoned PI to figure out who is the killer before the sun rises and Christmas is ruined.

This is a full-blown improv show, with Jason Bateman and Maya Rudolph being dropped into a murder script without any prior notice or script. They have to figure out everything along the way, while their characters are put through the wringer. It's a lovely setup and it creates enough genuine laughs. It's not very coherent though and both actors can't quite keep a straight face, but in a way that's just part of the fun. Enjoyable.