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Alive and kicking



2003 / 134m - USA
Horror, Sci-fi
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Body Heat

1981 / 113m - USA
Romance, Thriller
Body Heat poster

A classic 80s thriller. It's an update of an age-old narrative that rarely appeals to me, in part because it has been done to death in various media. The film isn't the worst of its kind, but overall it's a pretty forgettable affair and little more than a relic of its time. I'd hoped to get a bit more out of it.

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Ned is a small-time lawyer and a natural charmer. One night he bumps into Matty and instantly becomes infatuated with her. The two have a steamy affair, but it's clear that there's more brewing than just a one-night stand. The only problem is Matty's husband, who stands between their happiness.

The plot has few surprises, the direction makes an effort but fails to have a real impact and the performances aren't that memorable. There's nothing particularly terrible about Body Heat, it's just all very generic and unexciting. I'm sure this was better in the 80s, those times are long though.

The Big Chill

1983 / 105m - USA
Drama, Comedy
The Big Chill poster

A pedestrian drama about growing up. The themes are somewhat interesting, but the lack of cinematic qualities is hard to overlook. The Big Chill looks and feels like a TV project. It's a drab and dreary film with very little appeal beyond its characters and the drama they are facing.

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Seven friends reconnect at the funeral of one of their old pals. Seeing each other again, they reminisce about the days they spent in school, full of hope and lofty ideals. Now they've all become part of the establishment and little is left of the life they hoped to lead. The confrontation with their past is painful.

Looking back at where your life disappeared to, is a subject worthy of exploration, but you need more than that to make a good film. The performances are a little bland, the presentation is droopy and the mix of comedy and drama doesn't work too well. There are way better films about this subject.