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Little Blue

Xiao lan
2022 / 96m - Taiwan
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A sweet and tender Taiwanese drama. A bit more explicit than most of its peers, as the theme is the sexual exploration of a teen girl, though it's done very tastefully and without any explicit nudity. It's been a while since I watched a good Taiwanese teen drama, they seem to be quite rare these days, with more attention going to glossy romances and comedies.

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Xiao Lan is not as outgoing and social compared to her classmates. When she finally hooks a boy, she falls in love with him. The interest is mutual, but only for a short while. When he finally dumps her, Lan looks online for suitable men. There are plenty who want to meet and hook up, but truly connecting with someone is a lot harder.

The presentation is stylish, the performances are strong and the core theme is properly explored. Little Blue is one of those films that is very good across the line, but it doesn't really excel at anything in particular. It's a really nice drama, but Taiwan already has plenty of those, and the truly good ones end up being a bit more memorable.