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El Romance del Aniceto y la Francisca poster

I'm not too familiar with Argentinian cinema, especially not their classic films. I happened upon this one by accident and decided to give it a go, mostly because it was rather short. Sometimes these wild guesses turn out great, this time it turned out to be one big disappointment.

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Even though it's a film from the late 60s, it looked like some badly preserved film from the 40s. It's not just the image quality that made it hard to look at though, the cinematography is terrible, with horrible editing and poor framing. Add a lifeless soundtrack and middling performances and you're off to a pretty bad start.

The plot isn't very interesting either. Though the title references romance, director Favio is more interested in some poorly construed drama and the usual marital problems. There are also a few badly realized crime elements, which fail to make things better. A very disappointing effort across the board.