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2019 / 85m - USA
Sci-fi, Horror - Anthology
Portals poster

A fun mix of sci-fi and horror that blends the boundaries between feature film and anthology. The film plays like a mini-Cloverfield, following a few different angles surrounding the same event. The film is tense, the horror is pretty decent and the mystery is upheld until the very end. Some very find genre film making.


2020 / 110m - France
Sci-fi, Action
Skylines poster

It took me 30 minutes to realize Skylines was part of a bigger franchise, to make things worse I'd already seen the first two films. That's definitely not a good sign, after sitting through this film it's clear why I didn't really remember much of the earlier ones. This isn't really the kind of cheese I appreciate.

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Rose Corley was born with supernatural powers, powers she'll need to save the Earth from a looming alien invasion. She travels with a squad to the home planet of the aliens to steal a device that will help them to ward off the aliens. Once there, she learns that the briefing of her mission wasn't entirely truthful (big surprise!).

Skylines is a rather CG-heavy film that's padded with a lot of bad one-liners, mediocre action and lazy comedy. The designs are kitsch, the 80s/90s vibe is pretty annoying and the performances are weak. I welcome any big and bold alien-based sci-fi flicks though, so there was at least something to enjoy here.

Beyond Skyline

2017 / 106m - USA
Action, Sci-fi
Beyond Skyline poster

A poor sequel to Skyline. It's a follow-up that lacks focus and wanders off in many different directions, most of which make little sense and add little to nothing to the first film. The action is poor, the direction crap, but at least the alien/sci-fi bits looked somewhat cool.