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Hong Kong - 61 years old
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Stephen Chow's partner in crime, first as an actor/director match-up, later as a directorial duo. His co-direction work is clearly better than his solo work, but when you're in the mood for some silly Hong Kong comedy he's your go-to man.

The good stuff

God of Cookery

Sik San
1996 / 95m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Fantasy, Action
God of Cookery poster

From Beijing with Love

Gwok Chaan Ling Ling Chat
1994 / 84m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action, Thriller
From Beijing with Love poster

Solid pieces

King of Comedy

Hei Kek Ji Wong
1999 / 89m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama, Romance
King of Comedy poster

Ten Brothers

Shi Xiong Di
1995 / 100m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Fantasy, Action
Ten Brothers poster

Flirting Scholar

Tang Bohu dian Qiuxiang
1993 / 102m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Flirting Scholar poster

The inoffensive

Tricky Business

Zheng Gu Wang
1995 / 93m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Tricky Business poster

Love on Delivery

Po Huai Zhi Wang
1994 / 100m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance, Action
Love on Delivery poster

Master Wong Vs Master Wong

Huang Fei Hong dui Huang Fei Hong
1993 / 88m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
Master Wong Vs Master Wong poster

Lik-Chi Lee makes good of the popularity of Wong Fei-hung. Together with a slew of respected Hong Kong actors (but without Stephan Chow) he provides a more comedy-focused take on the martial arts hero who dominated the Hong Kong action scene in the early 90s. The result is pretty fun, if a little on the simple side.

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Wong Fei-hung travels to Canton with two disciples and his wife. He wants to help the refugees there, who are being scammed by a rich businessman, so he goes undercover. A couple of cases of mistaken identity later, Fei-hung is part of a major clusterfuck where he'll have to prove he is the actual martial arts master in court.

Anthony Wong is a perfect bad guy, actors like Man-tat Ng and Eric Tang are ideal for the comic relief. The comedy is a bit hit-and-miss, but that's par for the course. Not a film I'd recommend to Hong Kong comedy virgin, obviously, but if you know what you're getting yourself into, this is a lot of fun.

Worthy but flawed

The Tigers: The Legend of Canton

Guang Dong Wu Hu Zhi Tie Quan Wu Di Sun Zhong Shan
1994 / 89m - Hong Kong
The Tigers: The Legend of Canton poster

Once Upon a Time a Hero in China

Huang Fei Hong Xiao Zhuan
1992 / 93m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
Once Upon a Time a Hero in China poster

The Magnificent Scoundrels

Qing Sheng
1991 / 96m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Crime
The Magnificent Scoundrels poster

Legend of the Dragon

Long De Chuan Ren
1990 / 96m - Hong Kong
Legend of the Dragon poster

Dubious filler

The Lucky Guy

Hung Wan Yat Tew Loong
1998 / 100m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
The Lucky Guy poster

Romantic Dream

Zhui Nui Zi 95: Zhi Qi Meng
1995 / 99m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Romantic Dream poster

Plain forgettable

Flirting Scholar 2

Tang Bohu Dian Qiuxiang 2 Zhi Si Da Caizi
2010 / 102m - Hong Kong
Flirting Scholar 2 poster

Big nopes

Killing Me Tenderly

Ngoi Ngei Ngoi Do Saat Sei Ngei
1997 / 101m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Killing Me Tenderly poster

The Thief of Time

Jing Jyu Tai
1992 / 95m - Hong Kong
The Thief of Time poster