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Mutant: Ghost War Girl

2022 / 71m - China
Sci-fi, Action
Mutant: Ghost War Girl poster

Surprisingly capable. It's a shame this was conceived as typical streamer filler, because director Binjie shows a lot of promise. For certain, the film borrows royally from more famous sci-fi classics (Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell being the most obvious ones), but the mix with Chinese lore works really well. For once, I would've appreciated a bit more depth and detail.

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An underground organization in South Korea is kidnapping your girls to turn them into experimental mutants. Wu manages to escape the facility after her treatment has already started. She possesses a special ship that the organization wants to retrieve. With the help of a local cop, she tries to stay out of the hands of the organization.

The sets look absolutely lush, the CG is more than decent (not a given with these films), the camera work is strong and the action is flashy. The plot is basic sci-fi nonsense and sometimes the nods to other sci-fi franchises are a tad too on the nose, but give this man a bigger budget and a bit more creative wiggle room, and something truly spectacular might come out the other way.