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Reincarnated Dragon and the Protector Fox

Sheng Tang Yao Hu Chuan
2019 / 0m - China
Fantasy, Comedy
Reincarnated Dragon and the Protector Fox poster

Slightly older streamer filler. It was actually quite interesting revisiting one of the "older" examples of this trend, they really have come quite a way in a short time. It's not a very spectacular film and they clearly do it better in 2022, but fans of the fantasy/comedy mix (with some martial arts and romance thrown in) have enough to look forward to.

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The plot is both confusing and very basic. I missed some of the particulars because of the insane pacing, but in the end, this is just another variation on the"demon reborn in the human world" trope that seems incredibly popular in China, with some bad guys trying to find the reincarnated soul, while a few trusting protectors do their best to save him.

The costumes are pretty and the cinematography is atmospheric. The CG is atrocious though and the mix of genres doesn't always work, certainly when they added a couple of songs in the mix. But the film is short, fast-paced, and quite fun, and everything is there for proper filler genre entertainment. If you're able to look past some of the more glaring defects.