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2019 / 86m - The Netherlands
Horror, Comedy
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A fun horror flick sporting a dark comedy twist. It's not the easiest thing to pull off, but writer/director Crijns has a good handle on both genres and combines them wisely. The horror is limited, the comedy isn't too in-your-face, but combined they make for a very amusing, thrilling film.

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Hans is visiting his parents with his family. They're running late and Hans' mom doesn't like to wait, but nobody is cooperating. When they hit the highway, Hans gets stuck behind a van who prefers to keep to the speed limit. In a nearby gas station, there's a confrontation between Hans and the driver, which only escalates the situation.

The family is pretty annoying, so it's easy enough to root for the "bad guy", brilliantly played by Willem de Wolf. There's a coldness to his performance that makes his character really memorable. The pacing is perfect, the horror elements are limited but effective and the film has no excess cruft. A very entertaining bit of genre cinema.