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Bed Rest

2022 / 90m - USA
Bed Rest poster

A bog-standard haunted house flick. Bed Rest adds a little extra fluff and some personal trauma, but all of that is purely padding. It all boils down to a vengeful ghost who roams the premises, targeting a soon-to-be-mother. It's an incredibly generic setup, so it all comes down to execution.

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A young couple bought a new house, the woman is pregnant, and not long after they move in they get a pregnancy scare. Julie has to remain in bed to make sure her unborn child remains healthy, but she starts seeing things around the house. Others don't and if you need even more clich├ęs then you'll just have to watch this film for yourself.

The drama is a bit much (and the actors aren't strong enough to deliver it properly), the scares are meager and the balance between horror and drama is off. There are a few scenes that show promise and the relatively short runtime works in the film's favor, but unless you're really starved for a haunted house flick, it's a somewhat tough recommend.