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Fantastic Fungi

2019 / 81m - USA
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I'm vaguely aware of the wonderful world of fungi and mushrooms, but never really took the time to explore it. When this doc crossed my path it sounded like a great place to start. A short warning at the start of the doc made me a little suspicious though. Why was there a health warning at the start of a fungi documentary?

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Half an hour in, it became clear this wasn't really a documentary about fungi. Sure enough, they form the basis of the content, but the makers seem way more interested in their medicinal (and other) powers. After a short introduction (which was quite interesting), it quickly devolves into some wishy-washy pro-hallucinogens bullshit.

Ecstatic accounts of flaky subjects, ethereal background music and broad statements seem to underline the need for the health warning at the start. Ultimately, this was a very disappointing film. Apart from some pretty photography, there's really nothing of interest here. Guess I'll have to commit and watch The Creeping Garden now.