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She Done Him Wrong

1933 / 66m - USA
Comedy, Drama
She Done Him Wrong poster

The first Mae West film I've seen. I knew her by name only, after just five minutes of seeing her prancing around it is glaringly obvious why she became such a famous actress. Talent probably didn't play a big part in it, instead West put everything on presence and flair and for some reason she got away with it.

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West plays Lou, an infamous singer who only cares for one thing: diamonds. She has many suitors, all desperate men who try their best to fulfil her needs, many of them turning to criminal behavior to do so. What Lou doesn't know is that she's being followed by a federal agent, who suspects that the bar where Lou's employed is part of some shady dealings.

This is really just a big Mae West show, so it all comes down to whether you can stand her or not. Personally I disliked her performance a lot. Her strut is ridiculous, her quips don't land and her articulation is overdone. Oh, and her singing isn't all that either. It's a good thing this film was short, but even that couldn't really save it in the end.