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The inoffensive

The Beast

La Belva
2020 / 97m - Italy
Action, Thriller
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Decent genre flick, with some minor twists that help to set it apart from its peers, though ever so slightly. The Beast doesn't try to be anything special or extraordinary, but it does it best to bring you an entertaining mix of action and thriller elements without too much unnecessary cruft. And that it does well.

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Leonida is a war veteran who suffers from mental illness when he returns home. He neglects his family and loses the respect of his son. When his daughter gets kidnapped though Leonida immediately chases behind the kidnappers. The police, looking at his record, treat Leonida as a possible suspect, but he only cares about getting his daughter to safety.

It's Neesan meets Rambo, which means its best to keep your expectations of the plot rather low. The (rather neat) twist is that Leonida is quite fallible. An impressive force to be reckoned with, but far from the killing machines I'm used to seeing in American productions. The presentation is decent and performances are okay, it's hardly a spectacular film, but solid enough filler for those looking to watch an entertaining action flick.