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2022 / 86m - USA
Revealer poster

A high-energy horror flick with strong 80s influences. Director Boyce seems to be going all-in too, which is pretty cool, until he starts peppering his film with lazy American (identity) politics. It feels so incredibly out of place that it was hard not to roll my eyes during some of the more nonsensical moments.

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Angie is a stripper trying to make an honest buck. When she goes to work, she runs into some religious protesters who are making a big fuzz in front of her club. Little does Angie know that the protesters are onto something, as soon after she starts her shift, the Apocalypse begins.

Revealer is flashy and colorful, but it's held back by budgetary limitations and some cringeworthy dialogues. Religion, LGBTQ+ and liberal/conservative nonsense invade the film and break up the horror for no good reason at all. It's a pretty big shame, this could've been a lot better.