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2022 / 110m - Austria
Rubikon poster

Spaceship sci-fi with a strong eco message. It's nothing too original, both the themes and setup of the film have been done before (better too), but Lauritsch still manages to create a moody, somewhat claustrophobic eco-thriller that could've been a bit tighter, but never feels like it overstays its welcome.

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The Rubikon is a space station where algae research is being conducted, as a source of food and oxygen. When our planet is suddenly swamped by an enormous toxic cloud, it is the only remaining beacon of hope. The three inhabitants of the station will have to figure out a way to further the existence of humankind.

The effects are decent, the space station looks near-futuristic and the disconnect from an Earth in peril is effective. The performances are a little basic though and the story is rather predictable, including the finale. It's perfectly acceptable filler, I just wish they would've pushed it a bit more.