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Zen of Sword

Xia Nu Chuan Qi
1992 / 89m - Hong Kong
Zen of Sword poster

Early 90s fantasy/martial arts flick. They were all the rage in Hong Kong back then, most crews could make a film like this with their eyes closed. You can see some of that baseline quality is present in Zen of Sword, but director Man-Sang Yu can't quite capitalize that potential.

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The story isn't too exciting. We follow a princess who flees from the Ha Hou rebels, who are determined to destroy her kingdom. The princess has two generals with her who'll protect her at all cost. Things get a bit more complicated when the princess meets an enemy prince and falls in love with the man.

There are some solid action scenes at the start and end of the film, but the middle part is quite dull, with too much focus put on the plot. Michelle Reis is a decent lead, the rest of the cast is clearly less gifted. It's certainly not a terrible film and there are a few memorable fights, but it can't really compare to the better films of that era.