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An interesting little project, but not quite as good as it sounded on paper. Pixel Theory is a rather coherent anthology, centered around a single concept, but approached from different angles and helmed by a selection of different directors. The idea is grand, but the execution is a little too flakey.

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A mysterious man developed a computer program that created every possible image from a finite set of pixels and color choices. Every image that could ever be is being created as we speak. It's a program that will greatly upset world order and will leave one of the biggest marks on human history ever recorded.

There are some smart takes here (like the advent of AI art), but the execution is wildly inconsistent and some of the segments are pretty subpar. The animation sequences in particular are abysmal, which brings the overall level down. It's a shame, there's so much potential here and it does shine through quite regularly, but it's not enough to make this a great film.