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Alive and kicking



2021 / 70m - Spain
Two poster

A film built on an outrageous premise. If you decide to accept it though, there's quite a bit of fun to be had with Two. The predicament of the two lead is pretty extreme, and there's more than enough potential for entertaining what if/how questions while the story slowly reveals itself.

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Two people wake up in a bed together. They don't know each other and can't remember how they got there. When they want to get up, they discover someone has sewn them together. After the initial scare, they start exploring the room for clues, but their action radius is quite limited.

It's certainly a fun idea, but once the novelty wears off director Targarona struggles to keep the film going. The performances are mediocre, the film isn't graphic enough, and the second half slowly fizzles out. It's a good thing the runtime is short, and the concept is pretty original, but I expected a bit more from this one.