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2019 / 100m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy
Noelle poster

Modern-day Christmas movie that tries to work in too many woke issues. There's a female Santa, some gender role challenges, soulless tech threatening to kill Christmas and a crazy amount of Apple product placement. Would've been a lot better if it just tried to be a jolly Christmas comedy, but clearly that was asking too much.

Two Weeks Notice

2002 / 101m - USA
Romance, Comedy
Two Weeks Notice poster

Let's put Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant in a film and the rest will work itself out. No doubt that's what the producers of this film imagined when they signed off on Two Weeks Notice. A bog-standard romcom that doesn't even try to do anything out of the ordinary. And so it really comes down to how much you like the leads.

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Bullock is a little Goody Two-Shoes, Grant is the wealthy CEO of the company that wants to redevelop the neighborhood Bullock grew up in. He ends up hiring her, but because they're two very different characters they don't really get along. Though if you've seen a romcom or two, you'll know where this is headed.

There's a little chemistry between Bullock and Grant, but not really enough to carry the film. The plot is basic, the comedy is predictable and the film is so slick that you have to wonder how many committees were involved to make sure no people would be offended by this film. Oh, and there's also director Marc Lawrence. Not sure what he did.