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My Friend Dahmer

2017 / 107m - USA
Drama, Horror
My Friend Dahmer poster

Based on a graphic novel written by a school friend of Dahmer. It shows the early years of Dahmer, before he came the monster people remember. In essence it's a pretty simple school drama, but knowing how it all ends gives it an extra creepy dimension.

We Summon the Darkness

2019 / 91m - USA
Horror, Comedy
We Summon the Darkness poster

Director Marc Meyers seemed to be gunning for a dark comedy here, but delivers a film that isn't quite a slasher, nor a satanic horror. The build-up of setbacks is messy at best and the performances are a bit too silly and over-the-top to lend the film that exact balance of lightness and nastiness that makes a good dark comedy work.

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Three girls are on their way to a heavy metal concert. On the way there, a speeding van hits their car with a milkshake. When they arrive at the concert, they recognize the van, and they decide to take revenge on the boys. After some horsing around, the six of them enter the concert together.

Daddario and Hasson aren't really suited for their parts, the film is neither funny nor gory enough and the final act doesn't deliver. Even so, Meyers does keep you guessing what direction the film will go in next. Though the destination itself may be somewhat disappointing, the trip there was at least interesting enough.