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2019 / 88m - USA
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I wasn't familiar with the work of Walz, though from what I've read Blind is somewhat of a novel direction for the man. After making heaps of horror shlock, Blind tries to offer a more stylish approach. The film is somewhat successful, showing definite potential, though you can somehow feel something is slightly off.

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Faye is a Hollywood actress on the brink of a breakthrough. Fate strikes when her eye surgery goes wrong, and she turns blind. She has a hard time adapting to her new life, but finds support in a mute friend. What she doesn't realize is that she also attracted the attention of a stalker, a nasty guy who comes and goes as he pleases (not quite unlike Flanagan's Hush).

The masked stalker looks pretty cool, the use of color and lighting are also quite notable. The camera work is a little off though and the performances are quite poor. But it's the soundtrack that feels really out of place. There's a real disconnect with the visuals, which underlines Walz isn't working within his comfort zone. Even so, there are some pretty decent scares and some genuinely creepy scenes, the execution just isn't all there.