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The Collector

2009 / 90m - USA
The Collector poster

The pacing is fast, the tension strong and the concept fun enough to make it a lovely little genre film.


2022 / 87m - USA
Horror, Comedy
Unhuman poster

Dunstan returns with a fun take on classic premise. The film is written like a horror flick from the 80s, but the execution feels way more contemporary. Cue a bunch of disgruntled horror fans who can't handle the lack of 80s pandering, so don't be too worried if you read a series of negative reviews.

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A group of kids who need extra credit go on a field trip. On their way the driver hits someone and slides his bus off the road. Seconds later a message plays over the intercom, warning everyone to find shelter. It seems the kids landed themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and they'll have to put their differences aside to survive.

The cast is pretty fun, the stylistic choices work well and the pacing is perfect. There's also a fun twist that makes the second half a bit easier to sit through, making sure you're not watching yet another basic zombie flick. It's no masterpiece, but Dunstan once again proves he's a very capable horror director.

The Neighbor

2016 / 87m - USA
Crime, Horror, Thriller
The Neighbor poster

The Collection

2012 / 82m - USA
Horror, Thriller
The Collection poster