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1931 / 114m - Brazil
Drama, Experimental
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An early Brazilian silent. Peixoto was still only in his early 20s when he made this film, inspired by the German expressionists of that era. It's no surprise then that there's hardly any dialogue and that the film is quite poetic/experimental in nature. That makes Limit one of the true grandfathers of arthouse cinema.

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The limited use of intertitles and the lack of a clear narrative mean that you do have to piece part of the story together yourself, but the main premise (three people - two women and one man) endlessly drifting in a boat and remembering events from their past) is simple enough to discern.

It's clear Peixoto didn't mind experimenting a bit with the art form, there are some pretty cool scenes here that do stand out for a film from the early 30s. Two hours is a bit long though and the soundtrack was a bit too classical for my taste, not really in line with the mood of the film. This was an interesting watch, I just would've preferred it 30 minutes shorter.