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2022 / 117m - USA
Fantasy - Animation
Pinocchio poster

Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio is a loving stop-motion animation, but being the last in a series of recent Pinocchio adaptations, it just isn't differentiating enough to spend another 2 hours fully engaged watching the same story play out again. Still, del Toro's touch is worth the effort, certainly for fans of stop-motion.

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When Geppetto loses his young boy in a war accident, he is inconsolable. He wants to revive his son as a wooden puppet, a fairy grants him his wish and tasks a passing cricket to keep an eye on the little creature. There are some darker touches compared to the more popular adaptations, but the story remains by and large the same.

The animation is very detailed, but it's also a bit unadventurous. The voice acting could've been better too and I'm not sure if the extended runtime was warranted. That said, this was certainly one of the better Pinocchio adaptations I've seen so far. I might've expected just a little more though.