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Patrick: Evil Awakens

2013 / 96m - Australia
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Girl at the Window

2022 / 85m - Australia
Girl at the Window poster

A very simple thriller. There's a little halfway twist in an attempt to spice things up, but I'm not sure if it actually made the film better or worse. Though the direction seems hellbent on convincing the audience they're watching a very tense and spirited film that is sure to push everyone to the edge of their seat.

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Amy is recovering from personal trauma. She thinks her mother is dating a local serial killer, but the people around her have trouble believing her story and put it all down to stress. People are actually dying though and her neighbor does behave strangely, so Amy begins her own investigation.

The story is rudimentary and the plot twist feels a little desperate, but it's the direction that lets the film down. The suspense is mostly absent and Hartley's often blunt choices don't work in favor of the film. The performances are a tad weak too, the killer in particular is thoroughly unimpressive. It's short and slick, but other than that, nothing much to see here.