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2021 / 96m - USA
Thriller, Sci-fi
Awake poster

A neat little dystopian thriller, which sadly falls flat in the final act. The way there is pretty fun and interesting though, a cool spin on a tired concept that feels like there is no way out for mankind. But when push comes to shove, Mark Raso and his writers lack the guts to give it the ending it deserves.

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Jill is a recovering addict whose kids live with their grandma. When she drives them to school one day, all electronics cease to function. To make matter worse, people can't sleep anymore, which means humanity is on the verge of extinction unless they find a cure. Jill's daughter is one of the few remaining people who can still rest.

The premise is exciting and the progressively hazy and bewildered state of the characters makes for some moody and disorienting cinema. Raso doesn't push the atmosphere to its limit, but it's good enough for simple genre filler. The lacking ending and somewhat safe execution keeps this from reaching greatness, as the potential was certainly there.


2017 / 105m - Canada
Kodachrome poster

Basic road movie that combines melodrama with some lighter moments. The characters are pretty plain and grey, the events aren't all that impressive and even though the actors do a decent job, they fail to add much extra. It's just bog standard drama material, not too horrible to sit through but very forgettable.