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Ghost Rider

2007 / 110m - USA
Action, Fantasy
Ghost Rider poster

Not your average Marvel flick. I didn't even know this was a Marvel production until I saw their intro credit. It's certainly a pre-MCU film, as it doesn't really fit the current Marvel formula at all. Cage as a firey rage biker may sound like a match made in heaven, but the film itself is an absolute disaster.

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Johnny tries to save his cancer-ridden dad by making a deal with the Devil. The next morning Johnny's father is cured, by noon he's dead after a big stunt crash. Johnny leaves his old life and girlfriend behind, becoming a world-famous stuntman himself. But then the Devil comes to collect Johnny's soul.

Cage looks a little lost in a production like this, the plot is incredibly kitsch, Johnson is a horrible director and the CG looks cheap as hell. Not that I'm a fan of the current MCU films, but at least they look somewhat professional. Ghost Rider is laughably bad, which is the only thing that makes it ever so slightly bearable. Not good.