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A Far Shore

Tooi Tokoro
2022 / 128m - Japan
A Far Shore poster

A pretty dark and ruthless drama. It's certainly not the easiest watch, and if you're looking for something light then it's better to skip this one altogether. Kudo piles on the misery but also finds beauty in the characters' suffering. The man clearly has potential, with a little extra refinement this could've been a personal favorite.

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Aoi must drop out of high school when she gives birth to her son. She lives with Masaya, her husband, but they struggle to make ends meet. Aoi takes on a job in a nightclub, but more frequent police raids make the owner weary. When Masaya loses his job, Aoi is forced to make some tough choices.

There are moments of sheer beauty here, but there are also scenes where the film finds itself too close to other more generic, everyday dramas. The contrast between the two is just a little too big to ignore. Solid performances, a few very stylish scenes and some harsh moments do make this an easy recommendation.