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The Gun

2018 / 98m - Japan
Drama, Thriller
The Gun poster

An interesting film, that needed a little time to get going, but gets increasingly stronger as time passes. I'm not sure if the black-and-white cinematography was the smartest choice (going by the ending, I'd say it wasn't) and the film's indie roots are a bit too apparent, but the punchy finale sets things straight.

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Toru is a young universe student who one day finds a gun. He is unsure what to do with it, but he feels that merely owning the gun gives him power and makes him more confident. He manages to hook up with two girls and feels the need to use the gun for real, he just needs to find the perfect victim.

The start's a little slow and the direction feels a bit too derivative, but once the film finds its footing you can feel Take is working up to an explosive finale (which doesn't disappoint). An overall solid film that peeks at the right time in other words. For fans of modern noirs and indie-like projects.

100 Yen Love

Hyakuen no Koi
2014 / 113m - Japan
Comedy, Drama
100 Yen Love poster