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Typhoon Family

Taifuu Kazoku
2019 / 108m - Japan
Drama, Comedy
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An interesting mix of drama and dark comedy, two genres that aren't that easy to combine. The first half is somewhat mean-spirited, though never in an overly serious or hard-hitting way. In the second half Ichii picks his moments to drop the comedy and serves several surprisingly poignant dramatic moments.

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When an old man robs a bank, he disappears and leaves his four kids behind to deal with the aftermath. Ten years later they come together to declare their parents dead and split the inheritance. Roaming around the house, they find clues as to what exactly took place ten years ago.

Solid performances and clean cinematography provide a solid base, some slightly exaggerated situations and amusing coincidences do the rest. I was quite surprised by the efficiency of the drama in the second half and the finale is superb, if the comedy had been a little sharper this could've been a small masterpiece. A very fun discovery.