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Wakeful Nights

Nezu no Ban
2005 / 110m - Japan
Wakeful Nights poster

Wakeful Nights is an ode to rakugo comedy. It's pretty crude, dark, and somewhat absurd, but I don't mind that type of comedy. Some of the jokes are very elaborate (like the opening setup) and the film can get quite episodic, but overall, I had a good time and enjoyed the many madcap stories.

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A rakugo master lies on his deathbed. His final wish is to see the private parts of a young woman one final time. His disciples are unsure of what to do next, but one of them is willing to convince his wife to grand their master his final wish. After a little back and forth, the wife agrees, but something feels off.

Many of the jokes revolve around death and/or sex, though the film itself isn't too explicit in that regard. The cast is solid, the presentation is polished (but a little dry) and the comedy is fun. It does get a little repetitive, so a slightly shorter runtime would've been better, but this was a nice discovery.