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2018 / 85m - UK
Horror, Mystery
Possum poster

Creepy and uncomfortable. Possum isn't the kind of horror film that is going to please gorehounds or scare hunters. It's a film that aims for atmosphere and dares to play all or nothing. And Holness nearly pulls off a masterpiece, but for a film like this everything has to be just right and that isn't the case here.

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The plot revolves around Philip, a troubled man who lugs around a bag with a puppet inside. That's about all the context you'll get and Holness isn't eager to reveal too much, but if you pay attention it won't be too hard to paste most things together. Even so, the film retains its mystery even after some of the more obtuse plot points are revealed.

Sean Harris is the star of the film and delivers a standout performance. The puppet design is another highlight, so is the soundtrack. Sadly the cinematography is just a little too plain, which kept the film from truly crawling underneath my skin. But it's clear that Holness has talent. If you like your horror weird and eerie, make sure to give Possum a chance.