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2021 / 110m - USA
Sci-fi, Drama
Mother/Android poster

Mother/Android is an attempt to make a more serious sci-fi production. And while it certainly is slower and more emotional than your average sci-fi flick, the messy plot and doubty sentiment doesn't really make this a very successful attempt. Writer/director Mattson Tomlin really needs to do better.

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Georgia and Sam are expecting a baby, but Georgia's pregnancy becomes a lot trickier when androids take over and set out to annihilate the human race. Their last hope is to get to Boston, where they might be able to leave the country by boat. Getting there is no easy feat, with androids circling the city.

The plot makes some weird jumps and fails to cover some pretty big holes, the action scenes aren't too great and Moretz isn't really fit to handle a dramatic role like this. The budget was clearly there to make something of this film, but the result is a very basic and cheesy sci-fi/drama, that goes wildly off the rails in the final half hour.