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To Our Loves

À Nos Amours
1983 / 99m - France
Drama, Romance
To Our Loves poster

A French drama that starts off pretty nicely, but loses itself in endless dialogue. That's not an enormous surprise, France has a tendency to produce chatty dramas, and To Our Loves fits that tradition perfectly. I wish Pialat had cared just a bit more about the presentation, as the first half shows the potential for a better film was definitely present.

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Suzanne is a young girl exploring her femininity and sexuality. She sleeps with various men, but she cares for none of them. The only boy she refuses is Luc, who has deeper feelings for her. When her father leaves the family, Suzanne can't really cope with the drama that suddenly surrounds her.

Bonnaire does a decent job and the slightly more slice-of-life approach of the first half is solid, but the tilt to straight-up drama feels off and the conversations in the second half are pretty dry. I slowly lost interest in the characters and their ordeals, which isn't what you'd expect from a good drama. This could and should've been better.