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Palm Springs

2020 / 90m - USA
Comedy, Mystery
Palm Springs poster

The Lonely Island crew makes a time loop film for contemporary audiences. Palm Springs put Samberg in the lead and lets him revisit the same day again and again. It's a familiar setup and this film doesn't wander too much from the beaten path, but they nailed the execution and that makes up for a lot.

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There's a tighter focus on comedy (and a little romance) rather than on mystery, which was probably a smart decision as most people know how these types of films pan out by now. Samberg is doing his usual shtick, Milioti and Simmons are really fun additions to the cast and help to brighten things up.

The film looks nice enough, there are some memorable moments and the pacing is perfect. It may feel a little rushed if you've never seen one of these time loops before, but it's nice to see a film that doesn't spend too much time on concepts and ideas that have been done to death already. An entertaining, fun and cheery feature.