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Queen & Slim

2019 / 132m - USA
Crime, Romance
Queen & Slim poster

A fine surprise. I went in blank, not knowing what this film was about, but from what I'd picked up about it, I figured this might be something I could like. I was a bit bummed after the first 15 minutes, but then director Matsoukas proves that films like this can be about more than messages and points being driven home.

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Slim and Queen are out on a not-so-successful Tinder date. When they go back home an officer stops their car and tells Slim to get out of the vehicle. The situation escalates and before anyone realizes what is happening, Queen is grazed by a bullet and the officer lies dead on the ground. The two decide to flee.

The two central performances are great, but it's really Matsoukas' direction that elevates this film well above its peers. There's a somewhat quiet, laid-back, stylish vibe that runs underneath the entire production. The cinematography is polished, the soundtrack notable, the pacing on point. Strong across the board.